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If you suffer from chronic pain, you have a lot of company. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 25 million adults in the U.S. suffer chronic pain as well. That’s more than 11 percent of the adult population. Knowing you’re not alone in your battle against pain can provide some level of comfort, at least psychologically. But it still doesn’t do anything to actually relieve the pain you’re experiencing.

At our clinic, we offer a state-of-the-art treatment for chronic pain sufferers called Sanexas electrotherapy. Sanexas works directly on the nerve pathways involved in pain signals to relieve symptoms and help you get back to enjoying a pain-free life again.

What is Sanexas?

Sanexas is a pain treatment that uses a technique called electric cell signaling which is based on the physics of resonance. Resonance refers to the electrical signaling between cells. A simple way to think of resonance: When a piano is tuned, the tuner strikes the piano string to adjust the energy that vibrates along it to create sound. The goal is to adjust the string so it creates the ideal pitch or tone for that string. In electric cell signaling, the goal is to optimize the energy levels or resonance between and among your cells. When these signals are optimized and correctly “tuned,” intercellular communication is normalized, and cells are able to successfully transfer energy that’s used to heal injured tissues and relieve pain.

Unlike traditional TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy, the Sanexas system uses signal energy waves produced by a frequency generator designed to emit ultra-high frequencies that penetrate the body noninvasively and without any discomfort. The wavelengths can be modulated before and during your treatment to ensure your treatment is entirely customized for your specific needs, your medical history, and your treatment objectives. By modulating and altering wavelengths, Sanexas affects both the nerve cells and the intracellular space for more effective results.

One system, multiple benefits

Sanexas is used to treat a variety of acute and chronic pain issues, including pain from surgery, accidents, diseases, and pain syndromes like fibromyalgia. In addition to optimizing signaling between cells, the electrical currents work to relax muscle spasms and increase local circulation to support local and regional healing mechanisms for effective and successful tissue repair. When used after surgery, Sanexas can reduce the risk of clot development in your legs, and in with long-term use, the system can also help prevent atrophy in muscles that aren’t used.

With targeted use, Sanexas can help relieve pain as well as improve mobility and range of motion so patients can enjoy a better quality of life. Plus, because Sanexas is noninvasive, there’s no anesthesia and no recovery time, and it can even help you reduce or eliminate long-term use of potentially addictive or harmful pain medication.

Custom pain management based on your needs

At our clinic, we use Sanexas on its own and as part of a comprehensive plan including multiple treatments designed to work synergistically, each one enhancing and benefiting the results so every patient can enjoy the best possible outcome and the most relief for painful symptoms. Before your therapy begins, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best options for relieving your symptoms and helping you resume a more normal life, including increasing your activity level so you can improve your overall health as well. As pain levels subside, you’ll be able to enjoy better sleep too, so you’ll feel refreshed and less irritable or depressed.

As with any approach to pain management, the key to achieving the best results is to start treatment as soon as possible, before your pain causes more severe effects like long-term or even permanent disability and lost range of motion. To learn more about Sanexas treatment at our clinic and how it can help you relieve your chronic pain, call us today to book an appointment at 651-779-8883.

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