The Key Behind Staying Motivated

Staying motivated and goal oriented is often times the hardest part of our fitness and health journey. Everybody has excuses and often times they are valid ones but allowing these excuses to keep you from exercising or eating healthy then your goals will continue to elude you.

  I am sure that you have heard the saying that if you’re WHY is big enough then the HOW does not matter.  Maybe you don’t fully get this but there is so much truth to it. Think about it; if you had the doctor tell you that unless you walked 21 minutes a day and completely cut out processed sugar you would be dead in a year, you would find a way. If you had a heart attack and were given a second lease on life but you had to lose weight, you would find a way. If you were a celiac and eating gluten would cause you to have an allergic reaction then you would just stop eating gluten. If you had cancer and it was guaranteed that if you quit eating sugar you would heal, then you would stop eating sugar.  PERIOD.  You don’t argue with and try to negotiate your way out of it, you don’t say, “after my friends birthday party, I’ll start” or “I can’t possibly spend such and such holiday eating that way.” YOU FIND A WAY. Because if you don’t find a way, there are consequences… the issue that many of us have is that there are no immediate and severe consequences for our health choices. Or we don’t recognize them.  We think it’s normal to feel sluggish when we wake up and in the afternoon, we think it’s normal to lack energy and not be able to focus. We dismiss that we get more and more sicknesses and our skin looks dull and dry.  We blame our hormones on our mood swings and breakouts, and we overlook the few extra pounds that creep on every year. But these things are not normal.  Our bodies were made to heal, to regenerate, to live a thriving life but for so many this is not the reality. 

  So instead of trying to the latest fad diet to lose weight for your summer body or forcing yourself to spend hours in the gym in the endless pursuit of our perfect body, figure out how to change your mindset from restriction and cheating to a lifestyle of health and long term success and  goals.   Ask yourself WHY…

“Through various studies, I have discovered that 80% of the outcome is determined by knowing “why” you want to achieve the outcome in the first place. The more deeply attached to the reason “why” and what it means to you, the more likely it is you will give your best effort to make it happen.” By Bo Hanson, Director – Athlete Assessments

Dr Aaron Rose Chiropractic Doctor at Rose Family Chiropractic and Founder of Prosperous Health with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science.

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