Discovering True Health

 Welcome to discovering true health and living your best possible life! The purpose of this blog is to help you sift through the extensive, often confusing, and sometimes contradicting information constantly bombarding us through the media, health care professionals, and our friends and family. And to give you practical ways to implement healthy changes into your daily life for long term results.

Do you remember a time when you were young and healthy and pain free? Do you remember when you had energy to spare at the end of the day and would hear adults talking about being exhausted but could not imagine what that was like? Have you resigned yourself to thinking that you will never “feel young or good” again?  Do you wish that you could just feel good again and be the person you know exists under the layers of pain, fogginess, depression, and extra weight?   In my profession I hear it all the time; “What can I take for this or what can I do for that?”, “Is there an exercise I can do for this or what about this diet?”.  The reality is you probably need to do several things.  For example - you can exercise consistently but if you disregard your nutrition or vice versa your fitness goals will most likely continue to elude you. There is no one avenue to optimal health, just as there typically is no one avenue to disease. True health requires attention to multiple factors.  I am going to come right out and say it; there is no magic bullet to your health!  The idea was sold to you by get rich fast, salesman and the medical industry for years, leaving us with more health problems, more diseases, and more debt.  I understand that it can be difficult navigating all of the information so readily available online. So how do you know what is truth? How do you know whether something is just another fad, another instagram popular product or theory? And how do you apply changes correctly so you can achieve an actual, measurable health gain?  There is no cookie cutter method because each individual is unique, but we believe in this office that everyone, no matter how drugged, how immune suppressed, or how overweight, has the ability to increase the level of their health exponentially.  To help you conquer your quest to better health and longevity we are starting this blog.  We want to better instruct you to reach a higher level of health. We want to give you the motivation to change.  I have been involved in healthy living for over 20 years. I’ve tried just about all of it, some of it fantastic in the right setting, and some of it a total waste of time and money.  And now I want to apply what I’ve learned to help you with your health journey.  So let’s get focused, let’s get disciplined, and let’s improve our lives together.

Dr Aaron Rose Chiropractic Doctor at Rose Family Chiropractic and Founder of Prosperous Health with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science.

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